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PhotoSynth Viewer using Three.js

June 20th, 2011

I wasn’t happy with my previous WebGL PhotoSynth Viewer: my javascript parser was aware of the position of the cameras and I wasn’t doing anything useful with it… Furthermore I was only relying on XB-PointStream for the rendering (which manage to display perfectly a dense point cloud). But I definitively want to do more fancy stuff. So Goodbye XB-PointStream, Hello Three.js!

The only trouble with this demo is that it is using a proxy PHP page to bypass ajax cross-domain security issue. Thus I won’t put it online (as it would kill my bandwidth limit). But I’ll try to update my Google Chrome extension so that you can give it a try too (will take time and I’m going in holiday…sorry).

On the tech side, this demo is using:

Other news

On another side I’ve been up to:

  • compile a bundler version with PBA support (with bad result: fast BA but erroneous point cloud)
  • create a new framework for fast matching: already 3x faster than OpenSynther (which is already really fast). This new framework is compatible with multi-gpu and multi-cpu + you can add constraints to memory usage!
  • create an hybrid AR solution for my current work based on my panorama tracking demo and using gyroscope information to fix the computing time of the vision part

PhotoSynthToolkit video tutorials

June 20th, 2011

Josh Harle from Neonascent has created 5 video tutorials explaining how to use my PhotoSynthToolkit:

  1. Creating Synth:
  2. Downloading and Viewing:
  3. Viewing, Dense Reconstruction:
  4. Meshing model, creating texture:
  5. Projecting Hi-Res Images:

I’ve also added the video tutorials links on the PhotoSynthToolkit page.

You can thank him on the pgrammetry forum: see Josh Harle announcement.

Thanks Josh!