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PhotoSynthToolkit 9

April 29th, 2012

This is a quick post to announce the new version of the PhotoSyntToolkit with 2 new features:

  • CMVS support finally integrated :-)
  • proper handling of folder with white space

How to use CMVS with PhotoSynthToolkit:

  1. As usual run step 1 and move pictures from “hd” to “distort” folder.
  2. You need to run first “Prepare for PMVS2″ then do NOT launch the generated bat file.
  3. You can run “Prepare for CMVS” and run the generated bat file.

Warning: I’ve fixed all my programs to handle folder with white space (thanks to boost::filesystem). Sadly PMVS2/CMVS don’t handle them. The fix is trivial but instead of recompiling a new version I’ve found a bad workaround. I’m creating a temporary virtual drive z: pointing to your synth folder during the execution of PMVS2/CMVS using SUBST. The downside are that if you already have a z: drive it won’t work and if you kill PMVS2/CMVS you’ll have to manually remove the z: drive. To remove the z: drive type “subst z: /d” in your console.

If you need XSI/3DS max integration you’ll have to use the old version: otherwise is the latest version.