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You can backup your old photosynth!

January 3rd, 2017

I have 2 gifts for the new year:

A photosynth downloader which will let you backup your precious photosynth 1.
You can find it on github: dddexperiments/PhotosynthDownloader.

npm install
node synth_downloader.js 8645d183-4718-4325-bd7b-5d48955839d6 output

An updated offline viewer which support the photosynth 1 and view them with my experimental webgl viewer, created originally for my chrome extension.
The updated source code is available on github: dddexperiments/offlineViewer.
An updated win64 setup is available: Photosynth_Viewer_Setup_1.0.5.exe

BTW if you need a tool to get a list of ps1 to download, I would use the playground of the open-source photosynth2 viewer. You can select photosynth 1 filter (top right) and then use the file render method and csv instead of json for output.

Please checkout Nate post if you have trouble using the downloader.

Hurry up: you only have 1 month to download your favorite ps1/ps2!


So long and thanks for all the synths!

November 13th, 2016

Microsoft is pulling the plug on but they are also very gracefully giving us a way to save all our synths before full shutdown. What is also very generous from them is that they are planning to open-source the viewers (I implemented the latest one) and are providing an offline viewer for panoramas and ps2s (technical preview synths).

If you are a heavy user it might take you a while to click export (as explained in original post) and wait to download all your synths. I have a solution for you: I wrote a mass downloader!

How to batch export all my panoramas and ps2s

1) Install my chrome extension: photosynth website on steroids (or just update / re-enable it).
2) Log-in to your account.

Without the extension:

With the extension enabled:

3) Click on the added “My info”, then you can either save all your panoramas or ps2 (technical preview synths):

4) Click on download all my [...]
When you click on that button in the background it’s going to click on the export button of all your panoramas / synths for you and then return immediately. It might take several hours for to export all your synths. So I recommend you to click on both download panoramas and ps2s and then wait for a couple hours and try again.

If everything went smoothly at some point the alert box should tell you that all synths are available (for download) and that none of them are still processing (export in progress) and hopefully none of them are failing.

5) A Save-As dialog box should appear that will ask you to save a file: this file format is very simple:

for all synths:
photosynth-guid -> download_url

Thus none would be available originally but after a few minutes/hours they should be all there.

End of part one! you should have exported all your panoramas and synths and end up with these 2 files containing all your synths:

  • panoramas_list.txt
  • ps2_list.txt

How to batch download all my panoramas and ps2s

I assume that you did part one already and you have panoramas_list.txt and ps2_list.txt.

I wrote a python 2.x script to mass-download all your synths using the list files.

1) install python 2.x on your machine.
2) create a folder in a hard drive with lots of space (~rougly the same space reported on the “My info” page).
Example c:\my_synths_backup\
Then download and copy it into c:\my_synths_backup\
3) copy your list files into c:\my_synths_backup\
3) in the command line run:

cd c:\my_synths_backup\
python panoramas_list.txt
python ps2_list.txt

The script is supporting resuming, so you can Ctrl+C to cancel the current download list and then call the script again to resume downloading.

End of part two: happy downloading!


Experiment with a RICOH THETA

March 17th, 2014

I’ve borrowed a RICOH THETA camera from a friend and I wasn’t expecting to have so much fun :) ! The image quality is not so good (noisy, even with latest firmware) but being able to capture a panorama in one click is really powerful and let you create new visual experiments ;) .

Here is my little experiment with a little planet video effect:

I’m thinking of open-sourcing my tools to allow other people to generate such videos. I may also try to release directly an interactive webgl viewer. Stay tuned!

BTW I’ve updated my photosynth chrome extension (it was broken due to a website update).


Moving on… again :-)

July 11th, 2012

As you may have figured out I’m not working for acute3D anymore. I really enjoyed working there and I want to thanks them for the time we’ve spent together. I’ve learned a lot thanks to them and it was really great to deal with 3d data at a city scale!

BTW you should really checkout their online demos: streaming of 3d cities over internet!

But I’ve received an offer from Microsoft that I coudn’t refuse :-) . I’ll be working on super exciting stuff closely related to what I like.

Thus sadly I don’t think that I’ll have time left for this blog anymore. But I’ll try to post the source code of my modified version of Bundler.


Hello World !

February 20th, 2010

I’m a French guy who likes visual experiments. Sorry for my English, but I think I could get wider audience with English. And I want to share some stuff I’ve been coding myself and get some feedback.

This blog main topic is about visual experiments, so let’s talk about it : my principal points of interests are :

  • augmented reality (mainly tracking algorithm)
  • structure from motion (Bundler)
  • rendering using Ogre3D (I have added some functionality to Ogre3D)
  • GPU computing (CUDA & GPGPU)
  • designing complex web apps (I’m a javascript lover)

Some libraries and tools will be released in a few days to show stuff I’m working on, stay tuned !