You can backup your old photosynth!

January 3rd, 2017 by Henri Leave a reply »

I have 2 gifts for the new year:

A photosynth downloader which will let you backup your precious photosynth 1.
You can find it on github: dddexperiments/PhotosynthDownloader.

npm install
node synth_downloader.js 8645d183-4718-4325-bd7b-5d48955839d6 output

An updated offline viewer which support the photosynth 1 and view them with my experimental webgl viewer, created originally for my chrome extension.
The updated source code is available on github: dddexperiments/offlineViewer.
An updated win64 setup is available: Photosynth_Viewer_Setup_1.0.5.exe

BTW if you need a tool to get a list of ps1 to download, I would use the playground of the open-source photosynth2 viewer. You can select photosynth 1 filter (top right) and then use the file render method and csv instead of json for output.

Please checkout Nate post if you have trouble using the downloader.

Hurry up: you only have 1 month to download your favorite ps1/ps2!



  1. Henri, this is brilliant!
    Thank you!

    I had a little trouble getting started early this morning but eventually got it to download your test synth.

    I made some beginner’s notes which may help other people get started using this to export synths.

  2. Hi Henri
    I’m a complete amateur but I have Photosynths on a webpage on our small business website and I have just discovered the Photosynth website is to shut down. Is there anyway that our 3D images can still be seen online on our webpage?
    Any advice would be welcome
    Many thanks

  3. Oto says:

    Please upload some example dataset. I have lost all synth but would like to have at least one to view.

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