The purpose of this libray is to abstract DirectX & OpenGL interop with Cuda. It means that you can use Ogre::Texture and Ogre::HardwareVertexBuffer with Cuda without having to bother which Ogre::RenderSystem is active (DX9, DX10 or GL).

Development status :

Done :

  • Support DX9 and GL Ogre::RenderSystem (DX10 partialy)
  • Support texture 2D with mip-mapping
  • Support HardwareVertexBuffer
  • Basic error handling
  • Basic device listing

ToDo :

  • Test texture 1D, 3D, Cubic support
  • Correct OpenGL device initialization (not hard-coding device 0 as Cuda device ;-) )

Links :

Binary demo : OgreCudaDemo1.zip
Source code : svn on code.google
Documentation : doxygen
License : MIT

This libray was done using :


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