Ogre::OpenCL and Ogre::Canvas

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This is a short post to show stuff I’m working on. After announcing Ogre::Cuda to the Ogre Community I have realized that OpenCL could interest more people… Although I never get a chance to play with OpenCL I have created another library very similar to Ogre::Cuda but this time for OpenCL. Ogre::OpenCL is still in a very experimental stage but you can grab it from my google code or get more information from the demo page. I’m also wondering if I could create another library that would help GPGPU in Ogre3D. Indeed GPGPU computation is not that easy to setup, you have to :

  • create RenderTarget texture
  • desactivate auto update on the render target
  • add a viewport with a camera
  • add a compositor to the viewport
  • add a listener to the compositor (optional)
  • manualy call update() to do the computation

That’s why I was thinking in creating a library to do all this things in a more user friendly manner, will see …

I also have decided to anounce Ogre::Canvas. This is my Html5 canvas API implementation for Ogre3D. In short, you get a Canvas context on which you can call standard 2D functions (lineTo, moveTo, fill, stroke, …) and once you want an update, the Canvas context is uploaded to an Ogre::Texture. Furthermore, I have implemented a Javascript binding using V8 that is identical to the Html5 Canvas specification. So the same javascript code used in browser can be executed by Ogre::Canvas (with minor tweaks). You’ll get more information on the demo page.

And I have finally managed to translate my resume in English.


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