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SFMToolkit updated

January 29th, 2011

This is a very short post to announce a SFMToolkit bug fix… If the toolkit wasn’t working at all on your machine (File not found error in “1 – Bundle.wsf”) this may fix the issue. The bug was linked to the Windows separator setting: ‘.‘ or ‘,‘. Thus the default 0.8 matching threshold was on some system applied as 0: no matching -> no bundler output :-(

I’ve also fixed other errors in BundlerMatcher too (small memory leak + no more 4096 match limit), so you should download this version too even if the previous version was working on your system. The new version is available on his dedicated page: please do not make direct link to the zip file but to this page so people downloading will always get the latest version.


Structure From Motion Toolkit released

November 5th, 2010


I have finally released my Structure-From-Motion Toolkit (SFMToolkit). So what can you do with it ? Let’s say you have a nice place like the one just bellow:

Place de la Bourse, Bordeaux, FRANCE (picture from Bing)

Well, now you can take a lot of pictures of the place (around 50 in my case):


And then compute structure from motion and get a sparse point cloud using Bundler:

Finally you have a dense point cloud divided in cluster by CMVS and computed by PMVS2:

You can also take a loot at the PhotoSynth reconstruction of the place with 53 pictures and 26 (without the fountain).

This is the SFMToolkit workflow:

SFMToolkit is composed of several programs:


As you can see this “toolkit” is composed of several open-source component. This is why I have decided to open-source my part of the job too. You can download the source code from the SFMToolkit github. You can also download a pre-compiled x64 version of the toolkit with windows scripting (WSH) for easier usage (but not cross-platform):


If you need some help or just want to discuss about photogrammetry, please join the photogrammetry forum created by Olafur Haraldsson. You may also be interested by Josh Harle’s video tutorials, they are partially out-dated due to the new SFMToolkit but these videos are very good to learn how to use MeshLab.

Please go to the SFMToolkit page to get the latest version


PMVS2 x64 and videos tutorials

September 23rd, 2010

PMVS2 x64

I’ve finally managed to spend a couple of hours to compile a 64 bit version of PMVS2 for windows! You can download right now. I’ll hope that this version will help some persons, I’ve personally managed to create a very dense model thanks to this version and PMVS2 was using more than 4Gb of ram on a 8-cores machines.

How to compile PMVS2 x64 by yourself:
download the CMake package of CMVS (containing PMVS) created by Pierre Moulon.
download and compile gsl 1.8
download precompiled pthread x64 lib from equalizer svn
download and compile clapack 3.2.1 using CMake


As requested by some persons, I’ve updated my PhotoSynthTileDownloader: you can now resume a partial download ! It’s already available for download:

Videos tutorials

Josh Harle has done some very nice videos tutorials on how to use my PhotoSynth ToolKit and has created another toolkit for Bundler that is using my BundlerMatcher.

PhotoSynth Toolkit post on Josh Harle’s blog.

Note: In fact your synths doesn’t need to be 100% synthy. My tool (PhotoSynth2PMVS) is capable of using an uncomplete synth. And now you could use my 64bit version of PMVS2 instead.

Please go to the PhotoSynthToolkit page to get the latest version

Bundler photogrammetry package post on Josh Harle’s blog.

Please go to the SFMToolkit page to get the latest version