Structure From Motion Experiment

July 8th, 2010 by Henri Leave a reply »

I have taken a new set of picture of the “Porte Cailhau” in Bordeaux. And I have used one of my tools (BundlerMatcher) to compute image matching using SiftGPU. BundlerMatcher generates a file compatible with Bundler match file. So using BundlerMatcher you can skip the long pre-processing step of feature extraction and image matching and enjoy GPU acceleration!

I have used the “bundle.out” file produced by Bundler to get cameras informations:

  • intrinsic parameters: focal, distorsion
  • extrinsic parameters: position, orientation

With these informations you can see the point cloud through the viewpoint of one of the camera registered by Bundler. I’ve added this feature to my current Ogre3D PlyReader. I also have added a background plane to be able to see the picture taken from this viewpoint. This demo is not available for download right now, but you can still watch the video :

The Ogre3D PlyReader and BundlerMatcher will eventually be added to my SVN. I’m currently busy working on another demo, so stay tuned !



  1. That’s pretty cool!
    Perhaps you could create a mesh out of the point cloud and project the photos on it, perhaps blend them together intelligently to remove artefacts..
    That would be an extremely useful tool

  2. admin says:

    Thanks !

    There are already some tools to create a mesh from a point cloud: PMVS.
    But the problem is that you get a very big mesh not very suitable for real-time rendering.

    There is also another project to ease the creation of an efficient mesh from a point cloud: videotrace.

    These projects are great but I’m currently only using this point cloud as a reference for an outdoor tracking algoritm.

  3. tmg_tt says:

    here is recently started startup – which do similar things as web service.
    or video

    but its with Russian language

  4. Cesar Lopez says:

    Any news on when will the Ogre3D PlyReader be available? Does it work with the photosynth and thumbs output created by your own PhotoSynthDownloader and PhotoSynth2PMVS?
    Your are a genius by the way!

  5. admin says:

    @Cesar Lopez: Thanks! In fact I’ve been using my Ogre3D PlyReader to produce the youtube video of my PhotoSynth ToolKit. So yes, it can open a photosynth folder downloaded with PhotoSynthDownloader. I don’t have decided to release it yet (there isn’t anything fancy inside right know, no automatic camera animation when you click on a picture for example + it definitively need a C# GUI to adapt some viewer settings)

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