3D-Arch Workshop

March 31st, 2011 by Henri Leave a reply »

The 3D-Arch workshop was really inspiring: it was really great meeting people working on the same subject, exchanging idea… and the place was really nice too. I couldn’t resist to create some PhotoSynth of the place for future reconstruction: dragon, eagle, statue, door, …

I should have published this post sooner but I wanted to make a double post with my new OpenSynther results… CMVS support in PhotoSynthToolkit is coming! You should expect another post next week with nice results ;-)



  1. Pablo says:

    I’ve visited quite regularly your web and saw no news… but this post filled me of energy to keep on capture of image sets. Wow wow, those works are amazing!! and the news about using CMVS via Photosynth is great great news. Thanks for all!!

  2. Dave says:

    Looking forward to it. Thanks!

  3. Eugene says:

    Hi Henri, glad to see you back here. I was also checking in every now and then and was starting to worry…(actually, I knew you were busy working on something big).

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