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What do you think of this concept: a new PhotoSynthToolkit version almost everyday? :-) .

This version introduce a new feature that will allow you to process a PhotoSynth without needing to wait for the end of the upload. In fact you can even cancel your synth as soon as the computation is complete. But be aware that all pictures uploaded in the meantime will stay on photosynth server (AFAIK).

How to proceed:
- wait for synth to be processed (but not fully uploaded).
- copy the 2 following files from %temp%\Photosynther to another folder (d:\my_synth for example)

  • collection.dzcz
  • collection.synth.bin

- then you can launch the step 1 of the PhotoSynthToolkit by providing your folder (d:\my_synth).
- you’ll need then to copy your original jpegs to the distort folder and you’re done!

You can download



  1. Geert says:

    Your rock, Henri, really. Your tools are sóóó useful!
    However, I was unable to run both the PMVS and CMVS *.bat file. What does it mean: “z: /d”? Can this be the reason for the failure, since I have a Z drive.
    Greetings, Geert

  2. Geert says:

    Forget my last comment (well, only the second part ;-) I remapped my z drive and now things seems to work. Cheers, Geert

  3. disQzilla says:

    Fantastic stuff Henri – building CMVS finally into version 9 means I can actually run this successfully on largeish datasets on my old PC. This version will help a lot if I’m in a hurry! Great to see you actively developing this still, keep it up!

  4. Geert says:

    Hi Henri, tried it many times now, but on one PC the grabber crashes constantly. On a second PC, it crashes now and then, but I can not see any specific reason for this. Could you maybe help with this? Thanks,


  5. Henri says:

    @Geert: concerning the z drive I’m sorry about that horrible workaround (explanation in my previous post). I’ve fixed CMVS/PMVS2 and they now all handle directory with white space. I’ll be releasing a new version soon with updated version of CMVS/PMVS2 thus removing the need of this z drive.

    Concerning your other trouble with the PhotoSynthGrabber: I need more info to be able to help! (Synth url, are you connected with bad WIFI -> connexion lost during dl?)

  6. Laci says:

    Hy Henri!

    I would like to ask what is the difference between the PMVS and CMVS?
    Number of point? time of computing?
    What is the advantage and disadvantage using CMVS?
    Thanks for the update!

  7. Pablo says:

    mmm new version every week… this is hot maintenance…

    the new features are so cool. Large datasets with crappy connections like mine took ages to upload. Thanks!!

  8. Hi Henry

    This version 10 works wonderfully.
    Really great.
    I wonder if you has some solution for HD video.
    I ask because we are looking for some solution using this.
    Agains, congratulations for you job.


  9. tomer says:

    Excellent work, I really like using these tool kits.

    Not sure if anyone does this- but I swap the 32b pmvs

    binaries, with 64b pmvs binaries to take advantage

    of all my computers ram…

  10. Henri says:

    @tomer: the PMVS2 version provided with my toolkit is already compiled in 64bit :-) . BTW I’ve compiled a new version of PMVS2 which should be available very soon.

    @Fabricio: HD video? There are other solution available (KLT tracking for example) that may be more suitable for video. Otherwise you could just use 1/10 of the video frames and use them with PhotoSynth (do not forget to add Exif tag).

  11. Hi Henry

    Thanks a lot for reply.
    I will look for this KLT and find a software to add exif tag for frames.

    I hope you keep the amazing work you´ve been done.

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