ArToolKitPlus integration with Ogre3D

March 5th, 2010 by Henri Leave a reply »

I’m currently working for a company which has produced a nice augmented reality demo using ArToolKitPlus and Ogre3D.

I have decided to release a sample demo showing how to integrate easily ArToolKitPlus with Ogre3D.

In this sample I have created a tiny webcam video capture class using OpenFramework ofVideoInput.

The resulting demo is showing a dancing Ogre over a marker :

You can download both binary and source code in the corresponding demos section.



  1. javier says:

    Congratulations henri ! Your demo looks great , actually I was googling if anyone has made a join of ogre3d with openframeworks , and your example encourage me to give it a try . I’m developing apps in processing and Openframeworks since a couple of years but y never try to get on 3D . tell me, its dificult to integrate Openframeworks with ogre3d ? i supouse the opengl code in “OF” can mess with ogre3d. thx 4 make public your work! javier from argentina

  2. admin says:

    @javier : I didn’t add Ogre3D to OpenFrameworks… I just have created a small class for Ogre3D that is using OpenFrameworks ofVideoInput class. Actually, I’m just using OF to get access to the webcam buffer with a cross-platform solution.

  3. Osi says:

    Hi, I would like to find out what version of ARToolKitPlus you are using. I tried converting your project to an eclipse project and replaced your camera class with ofVideoGrabber. I am also using cmake to compile it but i keep getting stuck with AR+.

  4. Osi says:

    shortly after posting that, i remembered i clicked the link to the source.

  5. addrian says:

    may i ask this script??? i need it for my papper……

  6. Henri says:

    @addrian: source code and binary are available on this page.

  7. addrian says:

    can i build it with visual c++??? and how to render all the environtment, not only the object…. thanks before

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