PhotoSynthToolkit 8

April 14th, 2012 by Henri Leave a reply »

I’ve finally decided to release the new version of my PhotoSynthToolkit. This new version has bundle.out output support: this was indeed easy to add as I’ve already implemented it in my WebGL chrome extension. I’ve also rewritten the network part of the downloader by using libcurl. PhotoSynthDownloader is now replaced by my new tool PhotoSynthGrabber. BTW thumbnail/HD pictures downloading should be really much faster ;-) .

New feature coming:

  • CMVS support (coming very soon)
  • White space handling in the toolkit scripting (PhotoSynthGrabber is already ready)
  • Expose HTTP Proxy parameters for the downloader

You can download the new version: or keep the previous one in case you miss some advanced feature (vis.dat generation, SoftImage XSI / 3DS Max scripting for example):



  1. Fabricio says:

    Very nice Henry!

    I´ll try it and see how it works.

  2. Pablo says:

    Hi there. Just downloaded the new version and tested. Wanted to try the hd download and got the follwing error: “The program can`t start because MSVCP100.DLL is missing from your computer. Try reinstallin ghte probram to fix this problem” so… what am I missing?? or is this a bug?

  3. Henri says:

    @Pablo: you need to install visual studio redistribuable 2010.

  4. Pablo says:

    Hi Henri, mmm reinstalled, rebooted and same issue. There are tons of post of people having same issue with this .dll. Hope I can fix this…

  5. Pablo says:

    Hey!!! its working!!! followed this post:

    I had previously downloade the x64 and did not change anything. The file that points the post yes did solve my issue. Great!!
    Thanks Henri!!

  6. Henri says:

    @Pablo: you need indeed the x86 version of visual studio 2010 redist (even if your OS is 64-bit) as PhotoSynthToolkit is compiled in 32bit. But CMVS/PMVS2 were compiled in 64bit, thus you’ll also need the x64 redist.

    BTW: a new version is available :-)

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