Experiment with a RICOH THETA

March 17th, 2014 by Henri Leave a reply »

I’ve borrowed a RICOH THETA camera from a friend and I wasn’t expecting to have so much fun :) ! The image quality is not so good (noisy, even with latest firmware) but being able to capture a panorama in one click is really powerful and let you create new visual experiments ;) .

Here is my little experiment with a little planet video effect:

I’m thinking of open-sourcing my tools to allow other people to generate such videos. I may also try to release directly an interactive webgl viewer. Stay tuned!

BTW I’ve updated my photosynth chrome extension (it was broken due to a website update).


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  1. Hi,

    I’ve been very interested in the “Little Planet” effect. The Ricoh theta 360 seems the most reasonably priced option for 360 video capture.

    How can one create the Little Planet effect with Ricoh theta footage? Have you created a tutorial or do you have any insight to a step by step guide?

    Any insight or recommendations would be appreciated.


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